Ilesques du Loir AA

(King Size AA x Ultan AA)

Studbook: AA
Year of birth: 2018
Coat: Bai
Height: 172 cm
Owner/Breeder: Pierre Gouyé  & Laurent Jamault


AA eventing stallion, by of King Size ISO 160 and out of Gaia Of Ultan, ISO 144,  the dam of Punch de l’Esques, winner in CCIO4* with Karim Lagouagh, ICC 155 and Karoleva, herself dam of two performers: Tosca de l’Esques, placed in CSI 1.60m with Fabio Leivas da Costa, ISO 159 and Chabada de l’Esques, placed in CSI 1.55m with Jur Vrieling, ISO 156.

Ilesques du Loir is sure to pass on his blood to his offspring, and comes from an Anglo-Arabian bloodline that’s confirmed in show jumping!

Ilesques du Loir- AA

Ilesques de Loir-AA pedigree

Origins,  a family of proven athletes.

King Size, a finalist from 4 to 7 years at Fontainebleau, was a successful winner in CSI, with an ISO of 160(05). He is the sire of performers in CCI and CCE:

– Toumim d’Olympe, CCI2* with M. van Landeghem, ICC 147(14)
– Saxo des Champs, CIC2* with F. Vogg, ICC 144(13)
– Bogosse du Levant, 3rd in the 7-year-old French championship CCE, Mondial du Lion d’Angers, ICC 138(18)
– Staff des Champs, CIC3*, young rider European championships with B. Garcia Vidal, ICC 137(19)
– Sibo de Quiesce, 4th in the CCI2*-L of Luhmu¨ken with T. Goeman in 2023, winner of the CCI3*-S of Bazoches en Pareds in 2021, ICC 147(21)
– Topaze du Plain, CIC2*, ICC 136(16)
– Accro, CCI2*, ICC 133(18)
– Troll de la Mare ICC 131(13)
– Salta de Cerisy classified Pro 1 CCE, ICC 131(16)
– Taiga de Lassos ICC 126(20)
– Hippie du Loir ICC 123(22).

And in Show Jumping (CSO):

– Tropique de Lis ISO 129(13)
– Flash Vert, CSI-YH 7 years, ISO 128(22)
– Viking de l’Esque, classified in GP CSI1* 1.35m
– Sotla de Cerisy, finalist at 5 years, ISO 128(12)
– Ulia de la Bergerie ISO 127(16)
– Louping Vert ISO 126(22)
– Taki de Rasca ISO 125(21)
– Terrano ISO 126(23)
– Star de Cavilly ISO 123(18).

He is the sire of performing stallions:

– Good Size des Quatre Chênes, stallion, world championship of 7-year-old CCE at Lion d’Angers, 3rd in the team at CCIO4* of Aix-la-Chapelle in 2022, winner in CCI4*-S with C. Lejeune, ICC 149(22)
– Cestuy La de l’Esques, champion of the 4-year-olds CCE, 3rd at 5 years old, 7th at 6 years old, 5th in the 7-year-old world championship at Mondial du Lion d’Angers, winner in CCI3*-S with T. Carlile, ICC 153(19)
– Tino de Nouvolieu, classified in GP CSI 1.45m with M. Couderc, ISO 146(16)
– Sun King de l’Esques ICC 140(11)
– Blues King de l’Esque, finalist at 5 years old, ISO 127(16).

First dam:
Gaia of Ultan, successful winner in show jumping from 1.35m to 1.40m, with an ISO of 144(04), has 11 other offspring including:

– Karoleva (Apache d’Adriers sf), mother of:
– Tosca de l’Esques, CSI 1.60m under Brazilian saddle, ISO 159(18), 4th in a 1.60m at CSI3* of Wellington in 2019
– Unika de l’Esques, finalist at 6 years old, CSI 1.40m under Polish saddle, ISO 139(14)
– Chabada de l’Esques, stallion, classified in CSI 1.55m with J. Vrieling, ISO 157(22)
– Double Ka de l’Esques, CSI 1.40m with P. Kolly
– Falbala de l’Esques, finalist at 6 years old, CSI-YH 7 years, ISO 136(21)
– Punch de l’Esques (Hermès d’Authieux aa), CCI4* with K. Florent Laghouag, member of the French team at the European championships, winner of the Nations Cup at CCIO4* of Pin au Haras in 2019, ISO 155(19)
– Vata de l’Esques (Kashmir v’t Schuttershof sbs), ISO 124(22)
– Blues King de l’Esques (King Size aa), stallion, finalist at 5 years old, ISO 127(16)
– Cestuy La de l’Esques (King Size aa), stallion, champion of the 4-year-olds CCE, 3rd at 5 years old, 7th at 6 years old, 5th in the 7-year-old world championship at Mondial du Lion d’Angers, winner in CCI3*-S with T. Carlile, ICC 153(19)
– Haia du Loir (Jaguar Mail sf), CCIYH2*-S, ICC 140(23).

Second dam:
Dime du Bost has 9 offspring including:

– Hexagone (Alban A aa), IDR 122(06)
– La Luna (Emir Platière sf), ISO 145(08), mother of Akuna Log ISO 122(15).

Third dam:
Aiglone du Pic has 7 offspring including:

– Fleuron du Bost, stallion
– Sibylle du Bost, ISO 127(01).

She is also the mother of 2 winners in flat and obstacle races.

Fourth dam:
Lorette is the origin of good winners such as Lorrain, CSIO for Spain; Royale du Pic CSI, Gavotte Royale CSI, Felix de Vialonne CSI, Corrézienne CSIO for Spain and Great Britain; Bélouga de Seye, CCIO, ICC 160(02), and stallions Laurier, father of winners in CSIO, Long Courrier, Styx de Bréjoux, Tango de Bréjoux…

His 5th dam Flignette was a great winner in CSI. She is the ancestor of Dairus III, 7th in the CCI4* of Badminton, and 4th in the CCI4* of Boekelo…




Frozen, 280£ on reservation and 385£ live foal 48 hours + shipping


Ilesques is only available via S.E.H in the UK and Ireland. However, if you are in another country and would like more information, please contact us and we will put you in contact with the stallion owners.

In 2021, he was approved as a stallion by the Anglo-Arab studbook, showcasing an impressive average rating of 8.12/10 and a remarkable genetic rating of 9/10. Notably, he stood out as the top-performing male in the movement workshop, underscoring his exceptional qualities.

The following year, in 2022, alongside Axel Coutte, he made a notable appearance as a finalist in the 4-year-old Classic Cycle CCE held at Pompadour. Participating in such esteemed French shows is a testament to his burgeoning talent and marked a significant milestone in his early career.

Continuing his success into 2023, he further solidified his reputation by earning four premiums in the French 5-year-old Classic Cycle. His notable performance at Pompadour, where he secured a finalist position, despite tough competition, highlights his growing prowess. He achieved an admirable 26th position in his generation by earnings, demonstrating his consistency and potential.

In 2022, he entered into the realm of reproduction in France, marking the beginning of his breeding career. ILESQUES DU LOIR has garnered attention and trust from breeders, with his impressive lineage and performance credentials making him a sought-after choice.