Stallions, Étalons , Hengste

Stallions, Etalons & Hengste (SEH Equine) is a newly formed family-run equine semen importing business. We have connections with a range of breeders throughout France, Germany, and the UK and we’re dedicated to showcasing the best stallions on our website.

We’ve created this website to be a simple as possible, you can find all of the relevant information you would need on the Stallion’s page, and you can contact us to request more details or progress with an order. We are always available to answer questions you may so please feel free to get in touch.

Our Passion

During my childhood I was raised in a family-run riding stables based in Cornwall (United Kingdom) where we had over 50 horses at any given time – with our own stallions and foals every year. Whilst studying my BA in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (PRE) at UCL, I worked at Village Stables (Wimbledon). Following this, I was then Head Girl for Angela Wise at Dalcotes STUD, trained to AI and collected stallions under Tony and Marylin Pilgrim at the Sporting Horse (where I was also Head Girl and a Stallion Handler).

I also spent one season at Twemlows, which also gave me the opportunity to spend some time with Stallion AI. I’ve further developed my expertise through a range of roles and experiences, including;

  • Head Girl and stallion person at Kylemoor Stud, Galway
  • Schockemohle, Mullen Mares yard in stud season and international groom out of season
  • Yard manager for Hans Gunter and Debby Winkler 2 years
  • Freelance groom and horse agent working at the DOKR (german Olympic committee for riders) and other well-known places and people such as Monica Theodoresu (German dressage chef de Equipe) Michael Klimke, Andreas Ostholt, Susanne Meisner to name a few while arranging horse viewing with different yards throughout Munster and Warendorf for customers

My most recent role was for a French-based European semen agency. Countries of greater influence include the UK, Germany, and Sweden but strong connections in most EU countries. Following all of my experience and passion for stallions, I decided to form SEH Equine and we operate out of Le Sarthe, which is also my family home, consisting of forestry, grazing land and various lakes.


We are small yard based in the West of Ireland. We specialise in breeding of show jumpers Including mares that have produced 1.60 progeny. We also source horses, and offer breaking and producing services some of our past graduates include Imogen Murray MDSandyhill Penhills Zero placed in BYEH 4YR and 5YR, Bill Bournes Jumble Reserve Champion Dublin Horse show. We also have some up and coming showjumpers for the 2021 season.

We are also on the Committee for The Breeders Select Foal Sale Ireland. A sale for the Irish showjumping Foal, and the only sale in the world for the Irish Event Foal.

We have had many dealings with Ann and found her to be very professional, her knowledge and contacts in the Equine industry have helped us to source some of the most up and coming stallions from the continent to bring back to Ireland. We also relied on Ann to help us with advertising our sale in new territories, including France and Germany.

Its a great help too us when we can turn to Ann for more information on breeding on the continent, she is always on hand to answer questions, send us details or even pass contacts.

We have been very happy to pass on Anns details to other Equestrians for various services. Including Sourcing of horses, and staff. Her knowledge of the breeding and stallions have been a great help to our breeding schedule.

We look forward to working with Ann in the future.


Chloe Hester
Calagy Sport Horse Ireland

Ann Pearce came to work for Sporting Horse Stud IN 2008.  From day one Ann showed a wonderful rapport, with all our horses, Broodmares and foals. Youngstock including colts of various ages, and our Stallions TB, Hanoverian, and Selle Français. Ann’s great attention to detail in all she did was outstanding, Ann showed exceptional talent handling the stallions, with Semen collections for Artificial Insemination, Ann took a huge interest in all to do with breeding, with this in mind Ann took her Artificial Insemination Technicians Exam, successfully.

Her skills with equine reproduction continued to grow to show her to have natural flair when collecting from individual stallions and a great affinity with broodmares in reproduction and all aspects of breeding. Ann’s immense talent and knowledge and years of practical experience she has acquired in the breeding world puts her amongst the top of her sphere.

Marilyn Pilgrim
Co-founder of Sporting Horse Stud

I first met Ann Pearce at Dalcotes Stud in Cornwall in February 2000. From the start I was very impressed with the way she handled my precious mare and foal and also the way she gave me the confidence I needed as a mare owner that my mare and foal would be cared for in a way that I expected. I always felt if the stud owner was away for whatever reason, then my mare(s) and foal(s) would be well looked after.

On my various visits to Dalcotes Stud I always noted the calm but confident manner in which Ann handled the various stallions, mares, foals, and also youngstock.
I regularly showed my broodmares and youngstock at the various County Shows and often bumped into Ann at such events always noting her very pleasant manner.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Ann for any equine stud work.

Brenda Sweet
Mare owner/breeder

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